Sunday, September 6, 2009

LLLS Product Reviews

Product Reviews of things I have purchased from the NING sites I frequent.

As you all know I am an avid Shopping Ning supporter. So I was tickled to death when Karren Haller started this group on LLLS. Boy, do I have some reviews for you. Enjoy!!!

Please note that these 6 reviews are not in any particular order or frequency of purchase.

Kyani is a juice, drops and pills combo, sold in sets or individually. A super food, nutritional product that can do wonders for the consumer. I do not pretend to understand how these 3 products work, but I can tell you that they really do what they are reported to do.

Any of you who have been on the chats, know that I have Lupus. This horrible disease has limited my mobility for over 3 years now. The doctors had me on 3 medications to control my stiffness and swelling that left me a virtual zombie. I am a wife and mother and work on a fast pace assembly line. So I had 2 choices. Take the medication and sleep my life away. Or try to work and have any kind of life while dealing with pain and stiffness and swelling. This last year, I chose the medication because the pain was just too great to deal with any longer.

Somehow I found the Ning sites and joined a chat room one night and heard Jessica and others talk about the products they sold. Kyani caught my attention right away. So I came back to the chats a few more times and decided to take Jessica up on her offer of free samples and a 30 money back guarantee. Jessica has a genuine love for helping people.

It has been over 2 months now and I am medication free and feeling great!!! I can HIGHLY recommend this product.

Beaded Jewels - by Lexi Butler

I make Dish Gardens. One of the things I like to do with them is put a single special stone in them. I get many of these stones from Lexi Butler who owns and operates Beaded Jewels Lexi has a wonderful eye for the workings of making jewelry. She was taught from a very young age the importance of good craftsmenship. She can also make custom pieces and even made me a set of ear rings that matched perfectly to a necklase and bracelet set that I have had for years. Check out her site and even call her. You will just love her German accent. She is a very funny lady. I just love her.

I had these heels that my husband swares you could use for sand paper. He was right. I never wore sandles because of them. Again during a chat, a lady named Kate introduced her hand made products. She has all sorts of things but the one thing on her site that caught my attention was Minty Footy Salve. Okay, I had to give it a try. I mean, where I live, we have Wallie World and Kmart but that is about it. So my chances of finding something that would work on these feet of mine is quite slim. All I can say is, not only are my feet smooth and soft now, but Hubby laughs and says "OOOO, minty fresh!!!" LMAO

IT WORKS - Sheri Carpenter
I thought, what a funny name for a company, until I tried them. Guess what? It works!!! I am a loyal customer of Sheri's for the wraps. I am down from a size 24 to a size 2o in 3 months. And I haven't changed the way I eat. Well, unless you count the amount of water I now consume. Let me tell ya, when she told me the water I was going to have to drink I almost decided against the product. I don't like water. Water is for bathing in.

Well after the first month with the wraps and I did NOT drink the water like she said to, I thought the wraps didn't work. Then on ONE OF THE CHATS see a pattern here??? CHATS ???? Any way, a lady named Cindy talked me into drinking more water. So month 2 I drank more water. Now I won't say I drank every bit of what I was suppose to drink, but it was quite a bit more than I normally do. I lost a whole pant size. So this past month, more water and another pant size.

So come on ladies, how much harder do you have to make it to loose the weight. I am not one for exercises. I work on an assembly line for Christ's sake. I can not walk any more than I already do in a full 8 hours at work. 5 miles at last count. NO LIE. Sheri has product you can try out. But I am telling you, become a loyal customer for 3 months. See for your self that IT WORKS.

Do you have complexion problems??? Look tired and you aren't??? Dark circles under your eyes??? Call on Denise. She recommended her eye gel that I keep in the fridge. It is firming up the bags and taking away the dark circles. I will be back into my contacts in no time. She also sells natural soaps that I am about to make a second purchase of. It does not dry out my skin.

See, I am finding all the things I need by either listening in on the chats and or participating in them. I am not saying you have to be on every single chat that comes out but it wouldn't kill you to be on at least 2 or 3.
Jackie Ladner has one on http://www.marketingmammas.ning/ on Sunday nights at 7 or 8 pm check you local time and

Jessica Mutuku has one each weekday night at 8 on:
Nanc Johnson at various time thru out the week.

There are many wonderful product out there for almost every need you may have. And you can meet some really wonderful people and make lasting friendships on these sites as well. Just go to and see what is there. Maybe we will meet sometime too.
Thanks for reading,
Dish Gardens by Lenisa

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review Lenisa. I am so glad that our products are working for you. I love the way I get to help change peoples lives like mine is changing. Now being over 40 pounds lighter and making money as well I just like to share this with everyone and show them that they don't have to struggle anymore.